would in a if-clause

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would in a if-clause

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Dear All,

Reading the rules of a wargame, I have come across a sentence which has caught my attention (as a native French speaker).

"If a ground unit would exceed this limitation by moving into a hex by any means - including Retreat, Pursuit, or withdrawal - it cannot enter the hex"

(note: this rule point prevents the players from stacking too many units in any single location, by defining a maximum number of units per hex)

I am a bit puzzled by the presence of 'would' in this if-clause.

  • this is not a 1st conditional
  • I would have made use of a 2nd conditional if I had had to write such a rule, this is not the case here: no past simple
  • This is not a 3rd conditional either
In this case, 'would' is not used to indicate a will either...

The only explanation I can come up with is linked to the unlikeliness/impossibility for the limitation to be exceeded, with such an impossibility governing the usage of 'would'.

Could anyone please comment on the presence of 'would' in this if-clause ?

kind regards,