Looking for a (alleged ?) motto of Wells Fargo Company

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Looking for a (alleged ?) motto of Wells Fargo Company

Post by Sisyphe » 20 Jan 2014 02:19

:hello: Hi !

In the french parodical "wild west" comics Lucky Luke you find an alleged motto of the mythical Wells Fargo stagecoach company, namely "La Wells Fargo passe toujours !", which means something like "Wells Fargo always goes through". It turns to a running gag in the comics, the stagecoach and its driver actually going and comming through the worthest or unbelievable things whatsoever (Indians, tornados, collapsing bridge, etc.)

I have always been said that it was actually an infamous motto of the firm, or in the facts either in a western movie. But I cannot get anything which looks like on the net (but on french sites !). Was it a myth ?

:jap: Thanks.
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Re: Looking for a (alleged ?) motto of Wells Fargo Company

Post by solbjerg » 22 Jan 2014 17:17

Hi sisyphe
■Wells Fargo – Life’s Better When We’re Connected
■Wells Fargo – Fast then. Fast now.
■Wells Fargo – The next stage.
■Wells Fargo – Together we’ll go far
■Wells Fargo – With You When
I found these taglines here: http://thefinancialbrand.com/taglines/

But I haven't found what you are looking for.
The current tagline I think is Together We'll go Far
There were many stations when Wells Fargo ran the stagecoaches so perhaps one of these had coined the phrase you are looking for.
It could even be someone back then that had left some words on a wall
I remember a sentence from a toilet in Norway many years ago saying:
"Like mye hvor du ryster och slår,
den siste dråpen i buksen går"
(No matter how much you shake and dance,
the last drop will end in your pants")


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