Needing some help in Japanese to English

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Needing some help in Japanese to English

Post by Edward » 21 May 2014 15:40

New to the place and I hope I can get the help I need.

The help I'm looking for is proofreading some subtitles. Was doing a review of the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons, and I wanted to stick to the original languages. This meant that when I got to the OVA movie and the Sonic X series, it was all in Japanese.

I don't know much Japanese. I only recognize a few words here and there. But with that, when I was copying the subtitles from those videos to mine, I did notice a few things that didn't seem right.

I've uploaded these videos onto YouTube which supports subtitles, or Closed Captions as they call them, but I plan on uploading them onto another site that doesn't support subtitles. This means that I'll be putting the subtitles onto the video, and in doing so I won't be able to change any mistakes later on.

I am hoping you could help me to correct any mistakes that occur in my videos. I hope you know how to turn on Closed Captions in YouTube.

In the first link, there is a part where the subtitles don't match the English, but that is intentional. In the second link, near the end, is where I definitely noticed something was missing but couldn't figure it out.

Now, I'll be away for a month as of Saturday and I would greatly appreciate it if you guys will have been able to help me by the time I get back. No pressure though. :)


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