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Question for the moderators

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I tried to post something about a project I'm working on last week, but it wasn't posted and my account was deleted. It's not a commercial project. We want to make it easier to find videos in libraries. We are trying to teach a computer to analyze some free text statements from movie credits found in library records (e.g., "directed by Clint Eastwood --> directed by [= director] + Clint Eastwood" Some of these statements aren't in English and I was hoping that some of your readers might be willing to help out with a few.

Anyway, I was just wondering if it would be possible for you to let me know why my post was rejected and whether there is some way that I could rephrase it so that it would be appropriate for your forum.

Thank you very much.

Kelley McGrath
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Re: Question for the moderators

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Hi Kelley, I replied in the new topic you posted.
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