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English to Latin Translation

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Salve omnes!

So, earlier this year at our state latin competition (for school), I wore a Bacchus costume full on with a 6-7 meter toga, and a laurel wreath, and grapes, and just... everything! It looks pretty well done, but I'm graduating this year. This is my second year in Latin, and I really enjoyed the mentoring of my teacher, so as a kind gesture, I have decided that I am going to donate the costume to our school Latin department. I also want to write a letter, in Latin, using the pen name 'Bacchus' explaining why I am donating the costume. I have a straight forward English template of it, and then I have my attempted Latin translation. I just want to make sure that when I hand her the latter, she doesn't try to grade it! :lol:

English template:

From Bacchus to Worley (rough translation)

I, Bacchus, give to Dr. Worley my great toga and wreath. I have spent many and magnificent years with you. Many wisdoms you have given to me. These things will stay in my memory forever.

Strength to you (good bye)!

(Very) Rough Latin Translation:

Bacchus Worley s.d.

Ego, Bacchus, ad Dr. Worley meorum magnarum togam coronamque dono. multorum magnificentissimusque
annorum cum te perfeci. Multas sapientias ad mihi tu dedisti. in memoria me, hi res aeterni manebunt.

This is my first time using this site, so if I missed any thing important in my asking, please don't be harsh :P

Thank you!