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English to Japanese translation

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I have a couple of questions for the Japanese game company, Daisy2 which develop the game Sangoku Rensenki but I don't think they will entertain English questions so I would be really grateful if you can translate the below questions to Japanese.

1) In the game Sangoku Rensenki, the main female character, Yamada Hana time travelling back to real historical ancient China which is three kingdom period right? Does that mean through the time travelling, she also cause changes to real history depending on which route you choose?

For example, in real history, Koumei has a wife named Lady Huang but in the game, if I choose Koumei route, does that mean history will change and Koumei will not marry Lady Huang but instead he marry Yamada Hana?

2) In the game Sangoku Rensenki, which is the canon end/route and canon couple? I know that in this game, you can choose different route/men depending on your choice but is there a canon couple/end for this game and if yes, which one?

3) Since Yamada Hana is transfer to ancient China, the languages spoken is Chinese right? How did Yamada Hana manage to learn to speak Chinese?

4) In real history, Cao Cao/Moutoku is supposed to be very old during Battle of Red Cliff event, around 53 years old. Same goes for other character. However in the game, during the Battle of Red Clif event, he seems still young. Why is that?