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Post by laura » 07 Jan 2003 18:27

dear friends,
I'm a new member of your interesting forum. I would like to ask a question to those who speak English very well.
Talking to a friend of mine, (she has lived in the UK for a long period) I asked her whether she liked living in the Uk and I asked her the following question:

Have you ever thought of establishing yourself in the UK?

After asking the question, my mind was crammed by doubts. I wasn't sure whether the question I had made, was grammatically correct.
Thank you in advance,
I'lm looking forward to hear from you,


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Post by frantsuz » 07 Jan 2003 23:27

I'm pretty sure it is, and ya beter believe me, I ain't ever do any gramar meestake in english. :loljump:

Seriously, it's correct. What's your mother tongue btw ? Si es el castellano, puedes escribir aqui en tu idioma. Well in fact, whatever your mother tongue, you can use it here.

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Re: question

Post by Parasha » 09 Jan 2003 04:45

The question was gramatically perfect, Laura. Have no fear! Your construction gave no indication that it was formed by other than a law-abiding native-speaker.
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mother tongue

Post by laura » 10 Jan 2003 12:04

hi everybody,
thanks to those who answered to my doubts about a question in English. It was very kind of you. Apart from being kind, you're also good-humoured and that's a good quality.

My mother tongue is Albanian and Italian. If there are any persons who would like to clear any doubts about these two languages, I would be glad to answer them. Please, don't hesitate to ask and above all don't hesitate to correct any error of mine in English.


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