Besoin d'une traduction dans toutes les langues possibles ?
Do you need something translated into as many languages as possible?

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Post by peacewithinreach »

Artist here (non-commercial) working towards a presentation I would like to create based on the word "Sanctuary": 1. shelter from danger or hardship. 2. refuge. 3. asylum. 4. a consecrated place where sacred objects are kept. Attempting to artistically display the concept of sanctuary as a universal idea, to include as many translations as possible without being disrespectful to any culture or group of people. This is my sole (soul) endeavor, sponsored in goodness.

Exploring (at almost 60 years of age) multimedia/mixed media art. My goal is to create a video using multiple languages with this common theme. For small scale projection on computer and/or TV monitor. Forgive my verbosity. I thank you in advance for your consideration.

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Re: Sanctuary

Post by Olivier »

In Hungarian:
1. and 2. menedék: from the root men- of megy, menni "to go",
3. menedékjog: right of asylum,
4. szentély: from szent, pronounced "sent", meaning "saint".
-- Olivier
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Re: Sanctuary

Post by pc2 »

In Portuguese: santuário (literally "sanctuary") / refúgio (literally "refuge").
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