what does"lo veo"mean?

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what does"lo veo"mean?

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Hello everyone,

Howdy? I have a question, what does lo veo mean in spanish?it was from my spanish friend. I told him--estudio español,and he replied lo veo.

but as i google that one, but seems nobody really use it as a sentence. do you use it?

another question--suerte con el español can i also say suerte con el examen, or con + whatever i want to wish luck?

gracias mucho!

Yep, I'd also be very happy making some spanish speaking friends here, I am native Chinese, can speak fluent cantonese, madarin and English. I hope to learn spanish well:) If you want to learn Chinese, drop me a line here:)
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Re: what does"lo veo"mean?

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Veo => I see
Lo veo => I see it
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