Good online school to get a translation certificate (inglés)

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Good online school to get a translation certificate (inglés)

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Hello, everyone, it's been a while since I've been here. I'm considering going back to school to study for a certificate in translation Spanish/English. I currently work full time, so an online program would probably be best for me.

A little background on me: My native language is English, and I initially became fluent in Spanish while visiting my Ecuadorian relatives in Quito. Currently I'm a TV news photographer for a Univision station, so I speak a lot of Spanish at my job, and I see and read it every day. I've been doing that for 6 years, plus I also worked for another Univision station earlier in my career as well, so in total I've worked about 10 years doing that. At my TV news job, several times I've translated scripts and made subtitles for contest entries.

Can anyone recommend a particularly good program I could take to earn an online degree or certificate in translation? Which schools are good? Which to steer clear of?

Also, any other advice I could get for getting my foot in the door in this profession would be appreciated. Should I try just putting a simple ad in Craigslist? I'm pretty sure I could do simple stuff to start with.
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