Welsh (?) to English

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Welsh (?) to English

Post by CactusWren »

This was on a messageboard I visit. It's supposed to be Welsh. It may be missing some special characters. ??

Dyma Amerig: blesio areithi Cymraeg pryd yn archebu

I suspect it is a sarcastic remark... and of course if it IS, I'd like to be able to post back in Welsh:

Sorry, I don't speak Welsh; I am 200 years removed from my Welsh ancestors.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Welsh (?) to English

Post by ash57 »

I’m sorry to reply after 15 years :(
But I still wanna solve the unsolved problems here which are within my capabilities .and hope my answers still can help one day.

This is welsh.and yes very sarcastic..
It means this is america,please speak welsh when order (order food?idk what’s the message board about..)
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