"Cheers" in all languages..

Besoin d'une traduction dans toutes les langues possibles ?
Do you need something translated into as many languages as possible?

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Re: "Cheers" in all languages..

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En same du nord : skolle

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Re: "Cheers" in all languages..

Post by SerduchkaLove »

Serbian: Živeli (Живели in Cyrillic, I believe this was mentioned already, sorry if so!)
Ukrainian: Будьмо! (Phonetic: Bud'mo!)

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Re: "Cheers" in all languages..

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en kazakh:

Ден саулык ушiн !

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Re: "Cheers" in all languages..

Post by Beaumont »

Retrouvez toutes ces expressions sur cette nouvelle page du site : Trinquer (santé, à la tienne) dans toutes les langues !

All these expressions have been compiled on this new page of the site: Cheers in all languages !
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