retranscription of an english song

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retranscription of an english song

Post by Zefrancky »

Hello everyone!

Here is my little problem :
I use pretty often music for my work, and there's a song that i would love to rework. I usually do it by myself, but with this song, i've got some big troubles. There are lot of words i don't understand (i'm not english, so... ^^). I asked to some other peoples, but they've the same problem (even thoose who're good with english)

This song is "My blues ain't blue", by Rupert Friend, from the movie "Lullaby".

So, if someone with a good heart could just write the lyrics (no need to translate, i just want the original version ^^), i would be grateful, and maybe i'll give you a big hug.

Here you can find the only complete version of this song on the Internet : ... ain-t-blue

well, i hope you'll be able to help me with my little problem ^^

With lot of love and lot of kisses,

A musician in need ^^
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Re: retranscription of an english song

Post by Mathea »

Hi Zefrancky,

Here are the lyrics as far as I can tell:

When I got you in my arms,
I don’t need no photograph.
My life has changed, ain't it strange
My blues ain’t blue.

Feelin’ like I’m torn in two
Speaking philosophically.
I play the blues, but pay no dues
‘Cause I love the woman next to me.

Said, how I wish it weren’t so
And I could suffer tragically.
But alas, she got my ass,
The woman next to me.

Blues run red
Down my arms.
These fingers bled.
My piano knows that charms.

One-act play – she done me wrong.
The other play – she love my song.
Nuthin’ I can do,
I guess my blues ain’t blue.

Happiness and loneliness
Speaking realistically
Can’t climb in a bottle of gin,
With the woman next to me.

Every blues man longs for love.
There’s a funny irony.
It finally came, she’s to blame,
Woman next to me.

Cursed and blue,
Well, I try not to cry.
Truth comes through.
Dr. Jekyll just can’t hide.

Happy men and happy tunes
Don’t be long withstood.
Nuthin’ I can do,
Guess my blues ain’t blue.

I understand,
One thing is true.
I’m a lucky man,
My blues ain’t blue.

I never heard this song before, but it’s a gem. Thanks for letting us know about it.

Happy Holidays!
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Re: retranscription of an english song

Post by Latinus »

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