English to Chinese, personal request

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English to Chinese, personal request

Post by xion »

Hi all,
I know you've all been asked this question a million times, and would appreciate your help, I'm looking for an English to Simplified (or Traditional for that matter) Chinese translation for the phrase below.

Don't worry, although it sounds ominous when taken out of context it means a lot to me; and I'd like it amalgamated into a tattoo, (Yes I am that walking cliché who doesn't understand the words inscribed on his own back! ;) )

"Tomorrow is a promise to nobody"

This is what I have so far, from Bablefish...

I stumbled upon this site while blindly searching the hundreds of online translation tools getting more frustrated with each one, I cant believe there's such an altruistic place, I only wished I could contribute.

Many Thanks in advance,
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Re: English to Chinese, personal request

Post by ash57 »

Hello,sorry for the late reply.
I’m sorry to tell you that the machine translation doesn’t make any sense.
Here is my version
I can’t say it’s translated elegantly nor literally,but it just makes sense.
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