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sanskrit to english translation

Post by kristenashley85 »

hi, i am getting a tattoo in sanskrit and i want to make sure the translation i have found is correct. i've had someone tell me what the phrase i want is in sanskrit, now it would be great if someone could read the phrase in the sanskrit and tell me what it translates to in english. it is: यथोपरि तथाधः

thank you very much!!!
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Re: sanskrit to english translation

Post by pc2 »

It means something like "just as above, so below".
यथोपरि तथाधः
yathopari [yathA + upari] tathAdaH [tathA + adhaH]
"yathopari" is a phonetic combination of "yathA" + "upari", and "tadhAdaH" is a phonetic combination of "tathA + adhaH".
The word-by-word translation would be: "just as (yathA) above (upari), so (tathA) below (adhaH)".
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Re: sanskrit to english translation

Post by Shany »

यथोपरि तथाधः यथांततस्तथा बहिः translation to english of this sentence in sanskrit
Can you please translate this one too?
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