How do you say "see you soon"?

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How do you say "see you soon"?

Post by cchat »

How do you say "see you soon" in as many languages as possible please?
I think it is "à bientôt" in French and "hasta la vista" in Spanish
and possibly "Bis bald" in German.
Thanks for your help!
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Post by Fuokusu »

Japanese :

またね - matane.
じゃね - jane.
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Post by Vikr »

phir milenge (avec un p+h non un f))

फिर मिलेंगे
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Re: How do you say "see you soon"?

Post by Olivier »

In Hungarian the usual phrase is just viszontlátásra "good bye" (shorter/familiar form: viszlát).
If you really want to say "soon" you may add "as soon as possible": a mielőbbi viszontlátásra, or rather use a phrase with találkozunk "we will meet", like még találkozunk "we will meet again" or nemsokára találkozunk "we will meet soon".
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Post by bribri »

En Estonien : Näeme varsti

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Post by Marce79 »

En Italien: A presto!
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Post by iubito »

Romanian : Pe curând

Bulgarian : До скоро виждане (Do skoro vizhdane), sometimes I see only До скоро (Do skoro).

Czech : the freelang dictionnary says : na brzkou shledanou !
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Post by czort »

in Polish we use : "do zobaczenia" with no time indication or "na razie" which suits your request better
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Post by nyarzduk »

In Korean :
if "soon" is the same day : 이따 봐 (itta bwa)
in other cases (literatly "see you next time") : 다음에 봐 (da-eume bwa)
This is when speaking to a friend, to be more polite you can use 뵈요 (bweyo) instead of 봐
Also in these sentences the "w" is often silent.
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Post by Manuela »

In spanish you'd better say "hasta pronto", instead of "hasta la vista" (which is probably influenced by Terminator 2: "hasta la vista, baby")...
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Post by tocamesousCAT »

En catalan: Fins aviat!
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Post by Gwenael »

En breton:
Ken bremaik / Ken tuchantik / Ken damaik
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Post by pc2 »

in Portuguese / en portugais:
até mais! - the most usual expression. short form of the expression até mais ver!, which is a little less usual. this expression is colloquially pronounced as "teh'mah-is" (without the first "a") ("tè'mays" for French). in a very colloquial level, it's sometimes written as "t+" (the letter t and the math sign +), which, read out loud, has the same sound as the expression.
até logo! - it's colloquially pronounced as "teh'logo" ("tè'logou" for French). almost as usual as "até mais".
até a vista! - has exactly the same sense as "hasta la vista" in Spanish.

in Sanskrit / en sanscrit:
punar darshanaaya!
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Post by leelou »

romany, gypsy language: Av sasto
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in swedish

Post by facparov »

vi ses ikväll
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