Word for "thirst" in as many languages as possible!

Besoin d'une traduction dans toutes les langues possibles ?
Do you need something translated into as many languages as possible?

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Word for "thirst" in as many languages as possible

Post by born2win. »

Hello ppl,

I need to know the equivalent words for Thirst in as many languages as possible.

The more off beat the language the better.

I have found some through translation websites. BUt I am specifically looking for languages like Swahili and Ashanti. Any takers there?

Beaumont, you and kyliane have helped me a lot. Just one more request... Can you make the forum page into English or tleast provide another page in English. I do not understand French, am still learning it...

Thanx a lot,
(A worried man) :( :cry:
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Post by kokoyaya »

Spanish : sed
Breton : sec'hed
Français : soif
Occitan : set
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Post by kyliane »

quechua (bolivie, pérou, argentine) : ch'akiy ou chakiy
quechua équateur : yakunayay
aymara : pharjaña
allemand : Durst
portugais : sede
italien : sete
japonais : kawaki

Kyl ;)
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Post by Maïwenn »

Danish : tørst
Penn ar Bed
The end of the land
Le commencement d'un monde
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Post by Gilen »

In Basque : egarri

In Vietnamese : khát (nước)

In Japanese : 渇き (kawaki)

In Czech : žízeň

In German : Durst

In Hebrew : צמא (tsama)
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Post by Cãlin »

Romaian: sete
Finnish: jano, himoita
Latvian: slâpes
Norwegian: tørst
Scottish Gaelic: pathadh
Swedish: törst
Modern Greek: (η) δίψα (read: dhipsa)
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Re: Word for "thirst" in as many languages as poss

Post by Olivier »

in Hungarian: szomjúság (pronounced somyooshahg)
or just szomj in a more poetic or ancient style
-- Olivier
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Post by Sanya »

Russian: Жажда
Ucranian: Спрага
Serbian: Жеђ (Žeđ)
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Post by SubEspion »

In Neapolitan


In Marathi


In Sanskrit

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Post by didine »

zcalin wrote:Finnish: jano, himoita
I would just say "jano". "Himoita" is a verb, it means "to desire". It's quite literal actually.

Estonian: janu
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Post by Vikr »

In Tamil

தாகம்: taagam
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Post by daraxt »

SubEspion wrote: In Marathi

पिपासा pipaasa

In Sanskrit

तृष्णा tushNaa
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Post by daraxt »

in hindi:

pyaas प्यास
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Post by kajtek »

in polish - pragnienie

Post by ziapory »

In Latin:
The noun is "sitis" (If you need me to decline it into cases, let me know).
The adjective is "sitiens" or "siccus" (Let me know if you need me to decline it)
The verb is "sitio" (If you need it conjugated, let me know).
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